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About Us

In 1996 with the inspiration and in the kind presence of only 21 cows spiritual feeling started with Gau Seva Yatra. Today 15 years of sincerely cow service housed in the heart of many people. Cow pilgrimage means SHREEJI GAUSHALA (NYARA) which is situated in the north direction of Rajkot City on Jamnagar Highway Opp. New Cricket Stadium expanded and spread into 2.5 acres land area.

Where 14 completely comfortable sheds in which more than 650 cows resides like ‘Rajmata’. Where in 7 open and healthy compounds with full care the group of Gir Cows are having breeding there. Where each and every cow is daily checked up and needy treatment is provided. Also maintainance of health and food is strictly maintained. Here the cow is not trated professionally as a milking animal only for source of income but the five elements – panch gavya like Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Urine (Gaumutra) and Cow Dung are used medically. The vision is upbringing of cow in each and every house and re-establishing them in house to house, by this we make goal to bring back the capture of Lord Shree Krishna of that time.

Here Gau Shala does not mean an organization working with sympathy of others, where milk, curd, ghee, cow urine (gaumutra) cow dung the five elements – panch gavya – that have multiple uses by it. Gaushala have strongly economic ground and standing on its foot is seen here. At Shreeji Gaushala, the five elements – panch gavya are used to its full capacity centre for using them like the medicines made from cow urine, fertilizer from cow dung and cow urine is used to make organic crop protecting medicine by which the welfare of cow – village is promoted and spread whose verses are been echoed.

At Shreeji Gaushala, the centers of cow urine medical office are also going on with service to cow. By it the pious service to cow by which the pious service to human health is also going on so that society can connect themselves to cow.

Since last 15 years the Giriraj Cow Urine medical centers – “Gau Mutra Chikitsa Kendra” are working with medium of having patients cure in Rajkot, Gondal, Jetpur, Chotila and Dhrangadhra. From whole India more than 7 lakhs patients have been given service free of cost at cow urine medical centre. They have been able to cure incurable diseases like critical kidney failure, types of Cancer, heart Diseases, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Lucodarma, Epilepsy and life saving has been possible.

Gau Shala Campus has spiritual teachings and advice about taking care of animals are also given along with cow service. There is a Shree Vallabh Darshan Satsang hall whre Shree Nathdwara’s (Shree Nathji), Shree Ayodhya’s (Shree Rampanchayat), Shree Mahaprabhuji’s 84 Bethak photos and idols are there and blessings from Shree Kailash and Shiv’s Mahamrutyunjay is also reveived.

Shree Vallabh Forest is flourished with more than 700 trees. The chirping of birds continues in Madhav Vatika and kids play park. The blessing from the par present (Sakshat) Shree Girirajji’s and Shree Yamunaji’s Ghat has been constructed.      Old heritage of culture – introduction giving divine and large entrance gate is also constructed. Five deeds and five divine elements – panch gavya – of cow’s Ayurvedic Medical help giving hospital.

Again importance of cow in society is incused and different Gau Shalas are able to stand omn their own feet. The home made products are cow mode, herbal shampoo, phenyl, soap for bathing, nutrition – cow dung for sweet smelling atmosphere etc’s manufacturing and selling is done.

In the field of farming the waste like cow dung, cow urine, vegetable waste, ripen leaves etc. are collected as natural fertilizer ( Herbal Sanjeevani) is manufactured. Efforts are going on large scale for its manufacturing and indicating a new way to cow service and making institution strong enough to do it.

The donation relieved under section 80 (5) is exempted fr?om Income Tax.

Cheques / D.D. for donation if any can be issued on the name of “Shri Vallabhiya Vaishnav Gau Seva Charitable Trust”